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Vu+ Zero

  • Remarkably Slimmer – Not just in Design But also in Price.
  • Brand: Vu+
  • 119,00 Incl. tax

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Ev0 Posted on 26 November 2014 at 11:50

Well I have to say, when I first read the specs of the Zero, I wasn’t too excited about it. I have had the Duo2, Solo2 and SoloSE for a while now, and I am used to the speed these box’s run at, with there Dual Core 1.3GHz CPU’s. When I use my original Duo or Ultimo, I find myself pressing buttons and waiting for things to appear on the TV screen, and I was expecting something similar from the Zero.

But I am very happy to say this is not the case, in fact in normal use, it is as fast as the 1.3 GHz machines. The only really noticeable difference in speed is the bootup from cold take around 20 seconds longer. Even with a 1080p HD Skin, the box is as lively and responsive as it is with the standard definition skins.

Over all I have to say I’m shocked and seriously impressed. The Zero is tiny, however it’s performance is anything but. It is fantastic value for money and I’m really not sure how Vu+ can produce such a great product for the price. This is a no fuss machine that will just get on and do what you want, fast response and seemless channel zapping, ideal for the bedroom, kid’s room or a spare room.

I think it’s fair to say, that the new Zero really is “The True Standard of HD Zapper”

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Affordable DVB-S2 HD Zapper

There was one goal in developing ZERO from the beginning. Let’s make something more affordable to please more Vu+ fans. As the name stands for, ZERO is a remarkably competitive model price wise while maintaining the performance and philosophy of Vu+ products.  This is why ZERO is to be priced at 99 Euro without VAT. It is the most affordable DVB-S2 HD Zapper of Vu+ ever.

Powerful Features

It is certainly a challenging task to increase the affordability while not losing the performance that Vu+ pursues. So, ZERO comes with a dual core of 2000 DMIPS powerful enough to support all demanding multimedia functions.

Despite of its compact and slim design, all important connectors are nicely equipped.

Slim & Elegant Design

ZERO characterizes the design philosophy of Vu+. Its elegant external design is stunningly standing out among those monotonous and tasteless set top boxes in the market. ZERO’s beauty deserves to be right next to your TV.

ZERO comes in black and white.

An Ideal Solution as a 2nd Vu+ Set Top Box

ZERO is a smart choice for those using HDD integrated Vu+ models like SOLO2 and DUO2. Let’s assume you use ZERO in your room. Once connected in your home network, you can play multimedia contents stored in DUO2 or SOLO2 in the living room. ZERO is definitely the most ideal solution for your second set top box.     

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